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Gallery 1 - JoJo in Hotel in Wellingborough

This set were taken at the Travellers Rest motel in Wellingborough, UK. We had met up with a guy, and done a photo set for one of our sites, he had to rush off, so we decided to stay on in the room and have a bit of fun.

As the room was on the ground floor facing the car park and the pub, we knew that we could be seen if we turned the lights on. David decided that to make sure people would get a good view, he would take the curtains down as well.

We started having sex doggy style, and after about 5 minutes we had 3 guys looking in the window watching us. They quickly worked out which room we were in and came in and found us.

1 of the guys was very shy, and just sat in a chair and watched, another would not get undressed, but was happy to get his fingers wet in JoJo´s slippery wet cunt. The third guy is married, and his wife likes dogging, so he soon had his trousers off and his cock in Jo´s mouth.

We hope you enjoy the pictures.

jojo having sex with strangers

jojo giving a blowjob while a stranger finger fucks her

stranger playing with JoJo clitty while sucking another guy

jojo showing her cunt to strangers

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jojo showing cunt while licking a strangers cock

2 strangers with JoJo

jojo opens her legs for a guy to finger her cunt

strangers having sex with jojo

2 strangers having oral sex with JoJo

cock in JoJo mouth legs open to show wet cunt

close up of jojos wet cunt while she gives head

closeup of jojo having oral sex with strangers

jojo eating a strangers cock

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